Aussie Beaches - everyone should visit at least one in their lifetime!

Australian Beaches

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As Australia is an Island it’s a fair assumption that we are plentiful in beaches, and while that is the case, not every Australian Beach is accessible by parking the car, opening your door and finding sand between your toes and the waves calling you in.

There will be Australian Beaches that only a boat can access, and there will be others that may require a good walk before you reach the sand – so in the spirit of being prepared and being able to get the most out of these great places Aussie Beaches will keep you informed of the best way to access our beaches.


We want your visits to be about the joy and enjoyment of our beaches – and part of the adventure is getting their – we can all relate to the “Are we there yet” cry of both bored children and frustrated adults – so to be told there is a beach at xyz street – in general the expectation is that you can jump in your car, bus or train that goes to xyz street and you have arrived, with the beach at your feet and your towel in hand.

Some Australian Beaches have no free parking – mainly our more popular city beaches – which have time charged parking – of which you may also find free street parking a small distance from the beach, others may require a minor bushwalk, whilst overs a cliff climb – in addition not all beaches will have amenities nor places to buy food, so make sure you check what’s available of the beach you wish to visit so that you take the necessary equipment to enjoy your trip.

Australian Beaches are as varied as they are many and not all are patrolled and there are also beaches that are protected with Shark Nets and others that include rock pools or ocean pools for swimming laps.

To fully appreciate the large numbers of beaches, that this great land has, Aussie Beaches has been designed for easy access and have been broken down into its relevant State or Territory – with each area further broken down to north, south, east and west and for the more populated areas their city beaches are itemised separately.

Australian Beaches are for anyone and everyone and are  used for a variety of community minded activated from Olympic Events - Beach Volleyball, to international events - Triathlons, to Little Nippers and Surf Life Saving practices and all the way down the chain – early morning dip or jog for the fitness conscious or just sun baking on a towel – (don’t forget the sun-screen).

Even in winter, you will find people at the beach, maybe fishing, walking, hiking, getting together with friends, and the all year round favourite at the surf beaches – Surfing – chasing the ultimate wave.

Make the most of our beaches, enjoy yourself, but always remember to be safe – as there are hazards connected with the beach – the surf, the sun and life beneath the water

With the beach being an inaugural part of the Australian lifestyle, other businesses have also traded in on this, and with most of the popular beaches, you will now find surf clubs, cafes, restaurants, holiday accommodation, children’s’ playgrounds, sports club.

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