Beach Fishing

Beach Fishing is an art all on it's own and is enjoyed by countless die-hard anglers all year round - regardless of conditions - as well as those on their annual family holiday - just for something to do - it's easy at any age - perfectfor a bit of relaxation - or so it would appear to the non-anglers - the angler may look calm, still and relaxed - but they are alert - watching and waiting for the time to reel back in - much to the amazement of other beach goers - when in comes a fish big enough to feed four - "we've been swimming with THAT!!! - seems to be written on their face.


Beach Fishing in any Australian Waters is governed by specific State and/or Territory Laws and Licenses may be required - for current information please visit below Government Sites:
NSW: New South Wales Department of Primary Industries -
QLD: Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries -
NT: Northern Territory Government -
WA: Western Australian Fisheries Department -
SA: South Australia Fisheries -
VIC: Victorian Department of Primary Industries -
TAS: Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries -

In addition to this please also be aware of any signage on the beach - which may advise to catch limits as well as any out of bounds areas - as beaches can and are patrolled by government officials and fines can be given for not adhering to the rules.

To the non-angler - the beach is for the surf, the sand and the water - not for acknowledging there is "life under the water" - and for the angler it's all about catching that "life under the water" - so let's move on to the "life under the water"-

Common Types of fish that can be caught when Beach Fishing.

  • Bream- Yellowfin Bream covers east coast of Australia to Victorian Border, Black Bream from Sydney NSW to north of Perth in Western Australia - found in the main surf zone, but more specific to edges of deep holes and gutters. Bait - as a scavenger fish - any bait will do - but show a preference to pipis (also known as cockle/ugari). Tackle - Light - Medium Rod, 6kg line, hook sizes 1 - 2/0, 45cm - 100cm trace, small ball sinker.

  • Dart- located from Sydney, New South Wales to Perth, Western Australia - found in holes and gutters. Bait - will take a bite at any bait - even itself if on a hook - relatively small fish. Tackle - Light Rod - 4kg line, hook size - No 4 long shank hook, 30cm trace, ball sinker.
  • Flathead- Dusky Flathead from north Queensland to Eastern Victoria, SandFlathead from northern New South Wales to Perth in Western Australia - located edges of gutters and deeper holes. Bait - varies from pilchards, pipis, (also known as cockle/ugari), prawns or worms.Tackle - Light - medium Rod, 4kg line, hook size - 2/0, 30cm trace, No. 12 swivel.
  • Gummy Shark - from Newcastle, New South Wales to Shark Bay, Western Australia in the deeper areas of the surf zone. Bait - fish flesh, pilchards, pipis, squid. Tackle - Medium to Heavy Rod , 10 - 15kg line, hook sizes - 4/0 - 6/0
  • Mullet- Yellow-eye Mullet - from the southern end of New South Walesto the middle of Western Australia behind the break and in edges of holes and gutters. Bait - beachworms, nippers, pipis, (also known as cockle/ugari), prawns or squidworms. Tackle - Light Rod - 2 - 4kg line, hook sizes - 8 - 10
  • Mulloway (Jewfish) - from Brisbane in Queensland to Shark Bay in Western Australia - found in deep holes and gutters. Bait - Beachworms, fillets, Live bait. Tackle - for the smaller sized fish - Light - Medium Rod, 6kg line, hook sizes 1 - 2/0, 45cm - 100cm trace, small ball sinker - for large sized fish - increase hook size to 8/0 and line weight to 15kg.
  • Salmon - 2 types - Eastern and Western - can be found in temperate waters around the whole coast of Australia - school fish staying close to rock headlands but also in reefs just offshore from the beach - where they will rest during bright sunlight and move to the gutters around dusk for feeding. Bait - beachworms, lures, pilchards, pipis, (also known as cockle/ugari), sardines, whitebait. Tackle - Medium Rod - 6kg line, hook sizes 1/0 - 4/0
  • Tailor - found right around the coast of Australia - with the east coast having greater supply in the Autumn/Winter season, (March-August), within the white water of the surf as well as deep gutters and holes beneath the foam. Bait - Garfish, Mullet, Pike, Pilchards, Slimy Mackerel. Tackle - Medium Rod, 4- 8kg line, hook sizes 1/0 - 5/0
  • Tarwhine - located in both east and west coasts of Australia in sub-tropical to temperate waters and are right in the heart of the Surf. Bait - pipis (also known as cockle/ugari), shellfish and worms. Tackle - Light - Medium Rod, 6kg line, hook sizes 1 - 2/0, 45cm - 100cm trace, small ball sinker.
  • Trevally - Silver Trevally or Skippy is found around the southern Coastline fromRockhampton, Queensland to North West Cape, Western Australia - located near the headland on beaches or rocky reefs. Bait - Cockles, Pilchards, Prawns, White Bait. Tackle - Medium Rod - 6kg line, hook size - 1/0 to catch smaller sized trevally, increase line to 9kg with 4/0 hook for catching larger trevally.
  • Whiting- in warmer months - can be found in any Australian Beach - will bite at any time of day, provides a real depth of struggling that far out weighs their size, extremely sweet tasting fish, located in edges of channels and shallows of the surf . Bait - beachworm, pipis(also known as cockle/ugari), squirtworms, nippers. Tackle - Light Rod, shanked hook sizes 2 - 4, 30cm trace, small swivel, small ball sinker - to allow bobbing in the surf as whiting are attracted to moving bait.

Beach Fishing

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