Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball can be played on most beaches as a get together "fun" play, however this sport is also an Olympic Sport and below is a guideline on Rules of  Play at Competition Level, you might like to apply these the next time you have a group at the beach, to put a bit of competitive spirit to your game, or even just to follow the competition at the next Olympics.

  • Beach or Sand Volleyball is a variation on traditiional volleyball, wherein the playing surface is sand and that for competition it is normally a two-person team, however for a "fun" recreational pastime, may have up to 6 player per side.

  • The teams are seperated by a high net, and points are won by one side when they ground the ball on their opponent's court area, or their opponents commits a fault.

  • Each side has up to 3 attempts to hit the ball over the net to the opposing team, and each hit must be made by a different player.

  • Court size, for Beach Volleyball = 8 m x 16 m

  • Matches are done in best out of 3 sets, with a set being one by first team to reach 21 points, with a 2 point advantage.

  • The 1st team to win 2 of the 3 matches, wins the set, and in the event a tie breaker is required, the 1st team to reach 15 points, with a 2 point advantage.

  • Teams swap sides of the court, when points combined by both teams reaches a multiple of 7 points in the 1st and 2nd sets - as an example, if both teams are on 10 points, the next point scored, makes the total 21 - (a multiple of 7), teams then change sides.

  • In the 3rd set - The Tie-breaker, sides are changed when combined points are a multiple of 5.

  • You can cross under the net as long as this does not interere with the opponents ball play.

  • Service is alternated between players, but they do not need to rotate positions.

  • Rotation Errors do not exist.

  • The 3 m line hitting restriction does not apply.

  • No subsitutions are allowed

  • The game is played barefooted.

  • The ball is slightly bigger that the one used for indoor volleyball, whilst softer and with lower internal pressure.

The above is a brief introduction to Beach Volleyball, should you require further information please visit the Australian Volleyball Federation

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