Whilst CAMPING may not be for everyone - it offers great value for money and a real hands on experience with nature - and can range from going all the way back to basics - no mod cons, living off the land - rise with the sun - watch the stars at night - to powered sites - bring your own tent or van - to grounds that provide on site accommodation and for the family it's great for creating wonderful memories.

With today's fast paced lifestyle, instant contact, instant food, being one with nature really does offer the chance to wind down - see life at a different place - where time has no meaning and you set the pace for your break.

Maybe it's having the glass of red whilst the sun sets over the beach and you hear the waves hitting the rocks as the world winds down for the day, or bringing out the board games under kerosene lighting - the combined atmosphere of sleeping under the stars and the beach will wrap itself around you - and you will find yourself unwinding and relaxing - leaving the real world far away - out of mind - out of sight - at least for the duration of your break.

There will be Australian Beaches that prohibit any person from setting up a campsite - (Notices will be on the beach and fines may apply), however there are generally sites close by and here at Aussie-Beaches we'll tell you where they are

If you're looking for value for money holidays then you cant go pass the opportunity to camp - whilst the initial outlay may be costly - in the long term you save on accommodation costs, also if you're not sure if this is for you or your family - there are places that you can hire all the equipment - this way - you can try the experience, assess what things you will need to collect for future adventures, or maybe choose the Caravan Park option - which can range from tent sites - powered or unpowered all the way to Five Star Cabin Accommodation.


Places to camp - (on or near a beach)