Cone Shellfish

Cone Shellfish

  • The Cone Shellfish is one of the most dangerous types of fish.
    • Found in tropical waters around Australia
    • Approximately 10 cms in length, however can be up to 20 cms
    • Their snouts are capable of extending to the length of its body.
    • Uses darts to both kill its prey and protect itself against unwanted visitors
    • Has 20 - 30 darts inside its mouth, with each one being poisonous as well as existing in a pool of poison
    • Each dart is hollow and individually attached to the body of the Shellfish
    • The poison will effect the central nervous system causing:-
      • paralysis
      • nausea
      • dizziness
      • weakness in muscles
      • death if left untreated
    • If stung the first symptom will be a sharp pain around the sting, followed by:
      • Burning pain around the area
      • Numbness
      • Swelling
      • Impaired vision
      • Impaired speech
      • Difficulties swallowing
      • Impaired hearing

    • This should be treated as a MEDICAL EMERGENCY

    • Apply pressure immobilsation first aid until resuscitation facilities are available.

    • Assisted ventilation may be necessary

    • Update tetanus

    - At present this is no anti-venom for Cone Shellfish Stings -


    Due to the extreme beauty of this marine creature, human nature impels us to want to pick them up, or touch them, please do not do so as the results could be fatal - remember - LOOK - BUT DO NOT TOUCH.

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