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Lady Bay Beach - (Lady Jane) - 9kms east north east of Sydney and within 1km is Green Point Reserve.

Rooms :

Is a small beach located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney New South Wales and whilst there is parking available in the Park Cove Car Park however, best access is via public transport, mainly the Watson Bay Ferry which departs from Circular Quay.

Was originally known as Lady Jane Beach, which changed to Lady Bay Beach in the 1970’s and is noted as one of Sydney’s Nudist Beaches and has been since the 1960’s – however this is the individual’s choice and is by no means compulsory. In 1976 the then Premier of New South Wales Mr Neville Wran declared that both this beach and Reef Beach would be given status to remain as nudist beaches.

Within walking distance of Hornby Lighthouse, which is the third oldest lighthouse in New South Wales and is still operational today and provides lighting for South Reef as notice for the wall of submerged rocks. This lighthouse is as a result of two major shipping disasters that occurred in 1857, the first in August, was the sinking of the vessel “Dunbar” and the loss of 121 lives and the second in October, was the sinking of the vessel “Catherine Adamson” and the loss of 21 lives. It was completed in 1858 and was opened by the then Governor of New South Wales – Sir William Denison and the lighthouse was named after his wife’s family name – Hornby as well as commonly known as the “Lower Light” with the Macquarie Lighthouse noted as the “Upper Light”.

Lady Bay Beach is located within the Sydney Harbour National Park and offers untold jewels of Australian History, including lighthouses, barracks, cottages, historic trails.

Will need to bring your own supplies as no facilities at this location; however Watson Bay is close by offering accommodation, food and public amenities.

Things to do:-
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
Things to be aware of:-
  • Sharks
Things offered:-
  • Nude bathing
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